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9 Sublime Health Retreats Across the U.S. Slideshow

9 Sublime Health Retreats Across the U.S. Slideshow

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Cal-a-Vie: Vista, Calif.

One of the most lauded spa retreats in the U.S., Cal-a-Vie will whip you into shape. A reservation entitles you to massages, wraps, and other spa treatments just as it does to cardio conditioning classes, power Pilates, deep water exercising, and hiking. The food is particularly noteworthy here with local, seasonal ingredients used in dishes like huevos rancheros, soba wakame rolls, and white sea bass.

Travaasa: Austin, Texas and Hana, Hawaii

Brand new to the game, Travaasa’s offerings are many. Whether you choose the climbing wall, bull riding, outdoor circuit training, or yoga, you should come with a goal you feel like surpassing that week. Their culinary program is, likewise, inclusive with cooking classes, a nutritionist on staff, a course on juicing, and wine tastings.

Miraval: Tucson, Ariz.

Miraval is an all-inclusive resort just outside of Tucson, Ariz., that features an Olympic-sized lap pool, golf courses, yoga classes, nature walks, and astrology workshops. You can also cook with the chef, tuck into vegan fare, have lunch with a nutritionist, learn to best shop at the market, and take a course on “demystifying metabolism.” The spa, equestrian center, and zen garden should round out your serene experience.

Mii amo: Sedona, Ariz.

Settled at the base of overwhelming, picturesque red mountains, Mii amo offers three-night, four-night, and week-long escapes with itineraries that make you salivate. From organic skin care treatments to spiritual services and from the yoga for foodies package to beauty, health, and wisdom workshops — this retreat is focused on the inside and out.

The Ranch at Live Oak: Malibu, Calif.

The Ranch is both restorative spa and no-option boot camp. Daily group fitness courses will take you on hikes, weight training classes, core and ab work, and yoga sessions before you melt into afternoon massages. An idyllic locale with modern décor, the challenging fitness schedule is complimented by the lack of alcohol, caffeine, and processed sugars on the property. The food on offer is local, seasonal, and vegetarian.

Lake Austin Spa Resort: Texas

An oft-celebrated “destination spa,” the Lake Austin Spa Resort is a bright, airy, and relaxing space with varied fitness activities from kayaking to breathing and meditation courses and from cleansing food workshops to a class outlining top ten nutrition mistakes. Specialized programs include mother and daughter itineraries, programs for garden-lovers, culinary experiences, and a series called For the Love of Books club.

The Golden Door: Multiple Locations

Billed as “America’s first spa,” the Golden Door Spa has spawned locations across the country and Puerto Rico. The original Escondido, Calif., location, though, is where they host the Golden Door Journey with a focus on mind, body, spirit, and food. A weeklong stay means taking yoga and Pilates classes, taking makeup lessons, meditation practices, and mouth-watering, locally-sourced cuisine like truffle wild mushroom soup, crispy duck breast, and organic pinto bean tostadas.

The Oaks at Ojai: Ojai, Calif.

Ojai is one of the most unspoiled, rustic landscapes in California, which is one of the reasons The Oaks is so successful at restoring their guests’ spirits. Taking advantage of its surroundings, The Oaks offers mountain hiking, three-mile brisk walks, dance classes, water fitness courses, roller blading, and qi gong. With a 1,000-calorie-per-day program, The Oaks will feed you just what your body needs from freshly baked muffins to veggie soups and fresh seafood.

Canyon Ranch: Tucson, Ariz., the Berkshires, and Miami

Among the best known spa resorts in the country, Canyon Ranch is a communal, luxurious retreat. A heavy emphasis is placed on cuisine with fresh, locally-sourced meals on offer and nutritionists on staff. Having published a number of cookbooks, Canyon Ranch’s menus feature hummus with lavosh, bohemian chicken soup, green bean stir fry, and grilled salmon with seasoned brown rice. Their spa services are equally coveted with classic and Eastern techniques on the spa menu, as well as scrubs, wraps, and a varied fitness regime.


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